Royal Golden Safari(Kenya)

Royal Golden Safari(Kenya)
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Royal Golden Safari is a very exciting, limited production, single-estate black tea from Kenya. This tippy black tea is made up of slender, twisted, gold-tinged leaves with a sweet and tangy dry scent. The leaf yields an incredibly aromatic and satisfying brew.

The liquor is a brilliant golden hue, and the flavor is sweet and complex, with notes of caramelized sugar, or more specifically, reminiscent of creme brûlée.


This tea does very well brewed and served using Gongfu brewing methods, but it also performs exceedingly well prepared using Western brewing methods. Using a gaiwan

and short steeps with a high leaf-to-water ratio it can yield 6-9 excellent infusions. Brewing it in a large Western-style teapot it can produce at least 3-4 good pots.


General brewing tips:

• Brew in a glass or porcelain teapot or brewing vessel.

• Use good water (spring water is ideal).

• Pre-warm all of the tea ware.

• Use a ratio of 1 heaping tsp of dry leaf to 6 ounces of water.

• Use water that has just come to a full boil (212°f).

• Infuse for 3-4 minutes for the initial infusion, with slightly longer steeping times for second-fourth infusions.

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